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I started working with Platinum Law Group in December of 2010 and signed the documents and paid them in advance for their services with a contract that has absolutely no losses for the Law firm that is owned by Jerry Stevenson.

When I first started inquiring with them, Paul Hernandez, the representative would call me almost daily to find out if I was ready to move ahead. I've done sales and he did not seemed as a law representative but a salesman. After I agreed to the terms and paid for the services via credit cards, I stopped hearing from Paul Hernandez on a regular basis and he would also not pick up my calls. A few emails he has returned, mis-communication has taken place, my real questions have gone unanswered including why he is requesting from me critical information that was provided at the beginning and why a second, modified power of attorney is being requested.

I have very little faith for Platinum Law Group via Paul Hernandez. I have already paid for the services but I have seen no results after 3 months. Paul has not responded to my question on what has been completed up to now. Paul Hernandez has also played that he had requested a document over the phone and he was waiting on me. This is the second time he lies; at least this is only the second time that I have noticed, I cannot really tell the number of times I have been lied to.

Platinum Law Group has several services, the one I paid for is the debt relief program, credit cards, unsecured loans and similar. Again, I'm yet to see that they have done a thing. I cannot even get a simple response from the really bad customer servicer Paul Hernandez.

Platinum Law Group

9595 Wilshire Blvd Suite 900

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


I'm unaware if this will go anywhere or if this Law firm will not rip me off. At this point I now have my doubts to wether this firm is a real firm or just a scam.

Don't make the same mistake as me. Be careful, be cautions, beware.



Monetary Loss: $5500.

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San Diego, California, United States #942544

Jerry Stevenson is a scammer/fraud. He didn't follow up on anything I hired him to do, That's why he was disbarred in the state of CA.

The last I heard he was in Mexico probally scamming and lying his way through life.

My advise is do the research you'll find the same. Good luck all.


With so many of us that they ran a scam on I'm sure we can do something to stop them!!


They also took (stole) money from us promising to modify our mortgage. It's been over a year and we can't even get a hold of them to fire them.

I'm hoping their bad karma catches up with them! :(


Platinum Law Group ripped off my neighbor for about $2000. After they sent them the money, Platinum would not return any calls.

It's been over a year. Would love to see justice come to these guys.


names like don newton,john delagaza maybe the names are fictitious because, no one that pull a scam will be stupaid enough to give their real that is what we are all working with, we all got taken be careful they are professional, and will be me. :(


Daniel i would like to get with you on the law suite call me 7142642801


Daniel i would like to get with you on the law suite call me 7142642801


I tried Platinum Law Group 9595 Wilshire Blvd Suite 900 after about 8 months of sending in income statements I decided to not fax my income statement and say I did I emailed them and asked them if they had received the fax I never sent and there reply was yes it all looked good and it should not be much longer before my modification was completed?? Needless to say I filed a lawsuit that day!!! Beware anyone dealing with anyone calming to help with modification of your house!


This company is a fraud and a sham. first they'll try to pitch a home loan modification and say that if you have credit card debt that you will need to clear that out before you can do the loan modification or what they like to call a (double dip) then they tell you real good sales pitch as to how they collect rosenthal violations, when all they really do is have an incompetent female processer that calls the creditors and says that she is the wife and that the customer is going to have trouble making the payments and may file for bankruptcy. All the time you (the customer) are under the impression that this company is actually doing some real work under the Rosenthal Fair Debt Practices Act.






I hope this clarifies how bad this company is and if you've ever been ripped off - DON'T TAKE IT!


I agreed to work with them for a loan modification in 5/11 & paid them $2700 up front. They agreed in writing if they were unable to obtain the modification, they would refund the fee.

After 6 mos., I checked with my lender, Chase, to find out there has been no communication between the law firm and them. This, after being told by Daniel Ardon of the firm that all was going well. No modification, no refund.

I filed a complaint with the State Bar of CA. Don't be ***, like me, and work with this group.



Scam artists are stealing millions of dollars from distressed homeowners by promising immediate relief from foreclosure, or demanding cash for counseling services when HUD‐approved counseling agencies provide the same services for FREE. If you receive an offer, information or advice that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't let them take advantage of you, your situation, your house or your money. Remember, help is FREE.

How to Spot a Scam – beware of a company or person who:

 Asks for a fee in advance to work with your lender to modify, refinance or reinstate your mortgage.

 Guarantees they can stop a foreclosure or get your loan modified.

 Advises you to stop paying your mortgage company and pay them instead.

 Pressures you to sign over the deed to your home or sign any paperwork that you haven't had a chance to read, and you don't fully understand.

 Claims to offer "government‐approved" or "official government" loan modifications.

 Asks you to release personal financial information online or over the phone and you have not been working with this person and/or do not know them.

How to Report a Scam – do one of the following:

 Go to and fill out the Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network’s (LMSPN) complaint form online and get more information on how to fight back. Note: you can also fill out this form and send to the fax number/e-mail/address (your choice!) on the back of the form.

 Call 1(888)995‐HOPE (4673) and tell the counselor about your situation and that you believe you got scammed or know of a scam.


Alright! I got a notice also.

My first red flag was the ignorant receptionist who acts like she is ignorate about the letter I received. The reality is they are not bank of America. That's when I hung up to do some research of this platinum group. (who names a law firm platinum?!?!?) surprise surprise they are scam artist.

I'm glad I went with my gut feeling....

And to all you clients of the platinum.... Good luck :zzz


After receiving a letter from Platinum Law

Group, I contacted Charlie Melendez, regarding their letter. He explained to me that the credit card companies, many of them were in violation of the new credit card laws and that he could check for me, if he could help.

After providing information about my credit card, he found that two companies were in violation and that he could help me. Went to the office and filled out the corresponding documents and they charged me over #1500.00 for the service, charged to one of the cards. In communication with Mr. Melendez, everything was well and that the case could be closed in two months.

Two passed and I called and still the case was in the final stages. It's been over a year and since Jan, they have refused to answer my phone call (leave messages) or emails. Called main office in San Diego, but instead they routed my call back to Mr. Melendez's voice mail.

Nothing has been done. I'm planning to report them to the State bar and district attorney, and willing to small claims court to recover my money. A complete scam, they use the name of the lawyer to look professional. If they helped those people, that are saying they were helped by them, how come they did not help me.

They are suppose to return my money, cause per contract they have to, if they could not get a 50% reduction of my credit card balances. I only got from them a cancellation of my Discover card, because of the letter they got from them.


This is just a scam. Their survival depends solely on dumb Americans just like the life of a bed bug depends on the lazy person who continues to sleep on it.

Platinum Law Group - Jerry Stevenson - Paul Hernandez - 800-491-0541


After reading the many posts here, I am left with many questions. I am with Claus at this point.

I am thinking they are taking advantage of people. They want $4100.00 to start my modification. I believe that I need to look into doing this myself or go to a debt/credit counseling service for help.

Did anyone else read all of the paperwork they send? Disclosure for Bill 94 discloses that you can work through HUD approved counselors and gives the HUD web address.

For my part this requires more research before proceding.


I applied with B of A twice in three years and was rejected both times after supllying everything they asked for repeatedly. The bank told me I just didn't qualify because I made not enough income.....that's why I was asking for help a$$holes!

I found out about Platnum through a mailer and called them. After reveiwing the same info I sent to the bank they were onfident they could help me and actually explained why the bank rejected me. I was very scared after I paid the fee, but then long story short.....three and a half months later my $2257 payment is now $1454 fixed for 30 years.

The only bad part is I already paid five years on my old loan and now I have 30 more years, but I did the math and overall ill save almost $150,000 over the life of my loan! I cannot complain


I used Platinum Law Group to successfully obtain a loan modification from Wachovia Mortgage. I did pay them an advance fee of nearly $2,000 for preparing the necessary documents to submit to Wachovia, but they were quite up front about not needing to do so if I just wanted to deal with the government's debt counselor hot line and (I assume) their red tape.

At this moment I only owe them $220 for the final modification review, but Paul Hernandez is telling me that they are going to withdraw $250 from my account "per our agreement" with them. I just sent him a copy of the signed agreement to prove his error (why should I have to do that?).

At the beginning, I was serviced by a nice young lady (Bethany). All of a sudden, I started getting no responses to my emails and phone calls...and I was getting calls from the Wachovia case manager who could not get through to any of the SIX people assigned to my case at Platinum Law Group. I finally called and asked to speak with Bethany's supervisor, but was told "oh, Paul Hernandez has taken over for her" -- and this was 2 weeks after she left! I finally got him to call me to give me an update.

I am upset because of the subsequent complete lack of service I received from Paul Hernandez. I would send him emails with specific questions -- and he never answered any of them. He did make me re-sign and re-submit documents that had already been done through Bethany. Most (of the few) communications I received from him were short and curt and did nothing to set my mind at ease about the progress of the case.

I had questions about the actual modification offer that were NEVER answered by Paul Hernandez. I wanted to know what the ramifications were if I did not accept this offer -- were there better options that I could get if we kept going? What did Platinum Law Group think about the offer -- was it typical? I ended up having to call and speak with the Wachovia case manager myself to get my questions answered -- and he was VERY NICE and spent a LONG TIME on the phone with me. Now, the modifications documents will be sent to me directly by Wachovia to sign and submit -- yet I am being charged $110.00 by Platinum Law Group for that service. Paul Hernandez's response to me: "You have your loan modification documents in your possession. We got you approved for the loan modification we did our job."

Ultimately, I am happy to have received a modification when so many are now being denied eligibility, and I think that if Bethany at Platinum Law Group had not originally counseled me in what to do to begin, we may have gone about this the wrong way (as a self-employed contractor, it was a little different for us...). BUT, SPECIFICALLY, I AM EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED WITH PAUL HERNANDEZ.

Kensington, Queensland, Australia #300920

I worked with b of a for one year and went to naca after bank of america denied me. Of course the denied me they kept losing all of documents I sent in and kept transferring me to different people in different departments evry time I called.

They are such a cluster **** there. Also I just saw b of a and wells and chase all got their goverment funding pulled via the news on june 10 2011 because they denied most of their customers. I called platinum law group and submitted my info and my loan modification got approved because they helped Me structure it before it got submitted. I was 1 year behind facing foreclosure every month and platinum came thru thank God!

My new loan terms are great and affordable.

It took a few months but better late than never. So that is my case but I know evryone is different.


I was 14 months behind on my home loan with 1.5 million dollar payment. Mr.

Hernandez at Platinum Law Group helped me to save my home, reduce my payments, and have Bank of America forgive my back payments. I could not be any happier I and back on my feet.My payment was reduced by $3100 per month.


Anyone can give them a Good Review.... I wonder if Robert Fuller is a real person.?

Only one who can change your loan is your lender. DUH!

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