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ive truned them over to the fbi i found jerry a.stevenson address under the state bar going to give it to all feds gov.

he is in san diego.daniel ardon was helping us then he left said he was on sick leave .idont think we well get our money back.

hope they all go to jail.for what theyve done.jail is to good for them.

or they well change there name and get a way with it.still do the samething to another people just like us poor suckers.its pretty bad we need help and we get taken and lose our homes cant pay our bills

Monetary Loss: $10.

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me too i have case number already for follow up for reimbursement on client security fund of the state bar of california it takes a months or year to process the refund but theres still hope to get my $2,250.00 back to me than nothing...


You need to fill out the state bar paper work on site.i took to small claims and won.still has not payed.BAR has funds to recover fraud.good luck.

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