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I am one of you that posted a complaint tiltled " left us hanging". I have a friend that is an attorney and he suggested that I notify the Ca Attorney General and this can be done on the internet and is a simple page to fill out, Ca.

State Bar Assoc. and this can be found on the web but a good deal of paperwork goes to them. Basically everything you sent(copies) to PLG and some pages of what they are asking you about the group and I also notified the BBB just because anybody poking around in the PLG business is good. I wrote a letter to the PLG demanding a full refund of my money since the failed to do the job.

WHO EVER GETS PAID NOT TO DO THE JOB THEY CONTRACTED TO DO? A law was passed in 2006 that states it is unlawful to charge money upfront for services rendered concerning real estate.

I am taking them to small claims court and then probably to superior court if need be. I recommend all of you do what I am doing and we will get this group disbarred and better yet they belong in jail.


Monetary Loss: $5.

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visit and search fot jerry stevenson his license was suspended already ,,,read it everything written there it's open to the public,,,


:( I encourage all of you that have been ripped off by this group to report them to the Ca. State Attorneys office, Bar association and the BBB.

If enough of us are complaining attention is given to this *** bag.

Taking them to smal claims is good but not enough. Jerry Stevenson needs to be disbarred and put in jail for fraud after he gives us our money back of course.


I am taking platinum Law group to small claim

court they lie to me about helping me. I just want to see the faces of the people who rip me

off. :(


Small clainms court is only $50 if the amount you are trying to get back is $5000 or less. Since 9595 Wilshire Blvd is not their entity the paperwork needs to be done by an adult 18 or over.

It can be a friend but bot the person involved in the suit. My court date is July 13 and since I signed the papers in Napa and then sent them back to them Jerry Stevenson or someone representing him needs to come to Napa. If any of you knows where the scumbags office is and where his *** sits in a seat please let the rest of us know. I wanted the sheriffs Beverly Hills to serve the papers ut since it is not their entity they couldn't.

My son, however, spoke to the person answering the phones representing the PLG and she said she could accept paperwork for this group.

An attorney in Napa told me someone just won a judgement from the law group so there is hope. Unless you take them to small claims you don't have a chance of getting any money.


I am in the same boat. did either of you ever receive your refund? Thanks



Report them to the Ca. State Attorneys office on the internet.

Simple questionaire and effective.

I received a postcard from them telling me they were looking into my case. PLG is good at blaming others for their lack of work and I would bet you don't get a phone call back.

Joan Clark


I too am waiting for a refund from PLG for services they didn't perform, this is for debt relief for credit cards. The general manager contacted me week before last stating the Accounting dept.

would investigate my claim, and I should hear something from them in 5-7 days. Haven't heard anything yet, but I am ready to take them to court.

I just don't have the money to do it. But I'm with you on going to court.

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